Digital Transformation & ERP

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Digital Transformation

TTech provide digital transportation services to organizations to automate their work and process by apply last automation technology to the organization and help the organization to replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology with migration data. And help the stakeholders to make decision by provide all data needed in accurate and fast way. And relocate all resources and data in unified database.


ERP  stands for " Enterprise Resource Planning " and refers to software and systems used to plan and manage all the core supply chain, manufacturing, services, financial and other processes of an organization.

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The Human Resources (HR) module covers the processes related to the HR department of a company. It maintains a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation, leaves, and appraisal records. The most important feature here is processing the payroll by using Payroll Entry to generate Salary Slips. Most countries have complex tax rules stating which expenses the company can make on behalf of its Employees. There are a set of rules for the company to deduct taxes and social security from employee payroll. It accommodates all types of taxes and their calculation.

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Whether you have an accountant in your internal team OR you do it yourself OR you have chosen to outsource it, the financial accounting process is at the center of any business management system. This unit includes all financial accounts of the organization, financial transactions, purchase and sale, invoices issued, project expenses, and account classifications.

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Helps you track business Opportunities from Leads and Customers, send them Quotations, and book Sales Orders.

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Selling is the communication that happens with the customer prior to and during the sale. You might be managing all the communication yourself or you may have a small team of sales people to handle this. It helps you track the communication leading up to the sale by keeping all your documents in an organized and searchable manner.

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There are a lot of businesses where the deliverables are not tangible. Think of consulting companies. To showcase their value, such businesses need to track and update each of their processes to stay afloat and grow in the industry. The Project module helps an organization to keep track of such deliverables and ensure their timely completion. It helps any company effectively manage business aspects like project management, customer support, sales, and purchase management. 

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Inventory module Maintain details of your products and warehouses. Track receipt, transfer and delivery of the products. Optimize stock levels by providing real-time information via reports. Provide valuation of each product. The Inventory module is tightly integrated with Purchase, Manufacturing and Accounting modules.

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Quality management is the act of overseeing all activities and tasks needed to maintain a desired level of excellence in tasks. Quality module helps you manage your quality goals, process, reviews, non conformances, actions and meetings. It is designed to help you manage a full blown "Quality Management System".

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If your business involves physical goods, buying is one of your core business activities. Your suppliers are as important as your customers and they must be provided with accurate information. Buying the right quantities in right amounts can affect your cash flow and profitability positively. It contains a set of transactions that will make your buying process as efficient and seamless as possible.

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You can maintain fixed asset records for Company assets like computers, furniture, cars, etc. and manage their depreciations, sale, or disposal. You can track locations of the assets or keep records of employees who are using the asset. You can also manage the maintenance details of the assets.

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Retail transaction has sales, goods delivery and payment happening at the same time. POS (Point of Sale) module allow you creating POS Invoices which manages all the functions involved in retail sales. Each billing station can have separate POS profile. This allows in faster and efficient billing at the sales counters.

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Support & Maintenance

Great customer support and maintenance is at the heart of any successful business. you can track all incoming customer requests and issues and respond to them quickly. The database of incoming queries will also help you to identify the biggest opportunities for improvements. You can track incoming queries from your email using Support Tickets. You can keep track of Customer Issues linked with a specific Serial No and respond to them based on their warranty and other information. You can also make Maintenance Schedules for Serial NOs and keep a record of all Maintenance Visits made to your Customers.