L1 : Infrastructure

design & implementation of Datacenter Infrastructure 

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Raised Floor

Elevated floor with adjustable height quick deployment on a solid ground. To ensure proper cooling air flow through racks, protect appliances from antistatic charges, connecting your data center with hidden cable .


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Fall Ceiling

Design and implement beautiful decorated fall celling based on data center room layout and rack array, fixing all sensors and lights in proper position to ensure accurate measurements that monitored by NOC.

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professional CCTV system covering all access and aisle.

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Environmental Detector

In a data center there are many pieces of hardware and equipment that are the moving parts necessary to protect critical information. Such as environmental detection devices that protect data center components from external environmental problems such as (temperature, humidity, air flow, water, energy, voltage, smoke and fire suppression).


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Cooling System

Data center cooling technologies use a combination of raised floors and a computer room air conditioner (CRAC) or computer room air processor (CRAH) infrastructure.

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Security System

Data center security refers to the physical practices and default technologies used to protect a data center from external threats and attacks. This not only protects against hackers, but also protects data from being hacked, stolen, or destroyed in the data center.

L2: Hardware

TTECH expertise offer you an end-to-end hardware solution, handling business requirements and ensure business continuity. And as business needs and organization requirements, providing all Hardware Redundant to ensure the continuity of the datacenter hardware. consist of 4 types


All network devices and network management programs

Cyber Security (Firewalls)

All firewalls devices depending on customer brand choice and cloud security and security software


All servers types depending on job requirements (Tower Servers, Rackmount Servers, Blade Servers)


Storages solutions depending on job requirements (SAN, IP SAN, FC SAN, NAS)