Application Development Service 


Customized Application

Windows, IOS, Android

TTech provide wide rang applications depends on the needs of the ministries and companies and customized to them, Application life cycle consist of 8 Stages

1- Meetings & Planning: The first stage of developing any application Its the Idea, any idea needs plans to Implement, in this stage we must specifying the  Vison and Mission of the application.

2- Collect Requirements and Analysis: In this stage we must specifying project details and  make business case and begin to collect requirements.

3- Design: In this stage we must design all the approved forms and database that meeting the project requirements

4- Development and Coding: In this stage we must begin the developing the application with database depending on the collected requirements and approved designs in the previous stages. 

5- Integration and Testing: In this stage we must make the Quality Assurance of the application and make all the testing and the integration.

6- Implementation and Deployment:  In this stage we must Implement the application and database to customer and begin the training to customer. 

7- Operation and Maintenance:  In this stage we must operate the application and collect feedbacks of the application and make sure every thing matching the needs of the customer (every change made we will start over from the beginning).

8- Go Live: In the last stage we make sure that last version of the application accomplished all the needs by customers and turn the key to customer and close the project.